/Ann Shortens career prompts flood of #MyMum stories ahead of Mothers Day

Ann Shortens career prompts flood of #MyMum stories ahead of Mothers Day


May 08, 2019 15:32:21

The Daily Telegraph’s article about Bill Shorten’s mother, Ann, evoked tears from the Opposition Leader and a strong response from people whose mothers sacrificed their own ambitions for the betterment of their families.

But first, let’s wind back a bit.

The News Corporation newspaper published an article under the headline “Mother of Invention”.

The piece accused Mr Shorten of omitting parts of his mother’s career while talking about the sacrifices she made to raise her children on Monday night’s Q&A program.

The Labor leader had said she had wanted to study law but took a teaching job so she could support her younger siblings, but the paper accused him of neglecting to say she did end up studying law later in life.

The story riled Mr Shorten, who called the article a “bloody lazy editorial” and “gotcha s**t”.

Ann Shorten’s career story seems to have also hit a nerve with other people, particularly with Mother’s Day around the corner.

Her story has prompted people to share stories of the sacrifices their mothers have made for their families.

The influx of tweets lead to the hashtag #MyMum to trend on Twitter. Here are just some of them:







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