/Murderer stabbed father in heart after telling triple zero operator: Im going to kill him

Murderer stabbed father in heart after telling triple zero operator: Im going to kill him


May 08, 2019 12:59:02

A 24-year-old man has been sentenced to life in prison for stabbing to death a 27-year-old father in a street in the suburb of Halls Head, south of Perth, after a backyard fight between the pair.

Key points:

  • Michael Walker met Axel Boreski while out drinking in 2017
  • The pair returned to Walker’s house, where a fight later broke out
  • Mr Boreski left and Walker then placed a triple zero call saying he was planning to kill him

Michael Patrick Walker used a paring knife to murder Axel Boreski in the early hours of July 8, 2017, stabbing him multiple times in the leg, arm, torso and chest and delivering the fatal wound to his heart.

Earlier, Walker had made a triple-0 phone call during which he said “I’m f**king stabbing that c**t” and “I’m going to kill him”.

The pair had met for the first time that night while out drinking with others in Mandurah.

They had continued drinking at Walker’s invitation at his home in Leighton Road East, where he lived with his girlfriend and her family members.

By his own account, Walker was “very drunk” by the time his girlfriend went to bed, leaving him alone with Mr Boreski and another man before the fight broke out.

Accounts of the fight varied, but Walker himself told the court he feared for his own life as Mr Boreski was bigger and stronger than him, and he was being choked.

At one point, Walker ended up into the backyard pool, with the 24-year-old saying he had been “chucked” in.

Triple zero call preceded street fight

Mr Boreski left after he was asked to do so by Walker’s girlfriend’s mother, and Walker called triple zero at 4:52am, saying, “I’ve been assaulted at my girlfriend’s house”.

But he told the court he did not mean it when he told the operator he was “going to kill him” and “go get him”, testifying that he “always said stupid stuff”.

After the phone call, he went out onto the street and found Mr Boreski.

A second fight ensued and this time only one of them walked away.

The paring knife used in the murderous attack broke into several pieces and prosecutor Ben Stanwix said Walker had intended to “inflict maximum harm on Mr Boreski” in a “clear-cut case of murder” that was motivated by revenge.

Walker had argued he had acted in self-defence.

Daughter left fatherless

Mr Boreski’s family paid tribute to him on social media after he died, with grandmother Agnes Wharton calling him “a beautiful person and a great father, and always a joy to be around”.

Justice Anthony Derrick said Walker’s conduct had caused “great suffering to those closest to Mr Boreski”.

Justice Derrick said this included his six-year-old daughter who would have to grow up without her father.

Walker will have to serve a minimum of 18 years.

He was found guilty of murder after a trial earlier this year.