/Police officer charged over investigation into man later accused of sexually-assaulting 7yo girl

Police officer charged over investigation into man later accused of sexually-assaulting 7yo girl


April 24, 2019 23:52:45

A Sydney police officer has been charged in relation to a prior investigation of a man now accused of sexually assaulting a seven-year-old girl in a suburban Sydney dance studio toilet.

Key points:

  • The 31-year-old senior constable has been charged over an investigation into phone calls made by Anthony Sampieri
  • It is alleged the officer interviewed Mr Sampieri, prior to the alleged sexual assault of the 7-year-old
  • He remains suspended from duty with pay and will face court in June

NSW Police late on Wednesday night charged the 31-year-old senior constable with four counts of neglecting his duties in the wake of Anthony Sampieri’s alleged 15-minute attack on a girl at a Kogarah dance studio in November last year.

The charges, which stem from an internal investigation in the senior constable’s conduct, result from an “alleged mishandling of a report of telecommunications offences”.

The internal investigation began in November.

It is alleged the policeman, who is based at Kogarah police station, interviewed Mr Sampieri last year — before the alleged sexual assault of the seven-year-old — about lewd phone calls he was accused of making to a Sydney woman.

Speaking in November, NSW Police deputy commissioner Jeff Loy said Mr Sampieri was a “danger to the public”.

It is alleged the seven-year-old girl was physically and sexually assaulted by Mr Sampieri in a toilet inside a dance studio building during the November 15 attack.

Two other men intervened and, police said, one was stabbed several times in the stomach and neck, while the other man overpowered Mr Sampieri.

Mr Sampieri was in January charged with 11 serious offences, including aggravated indecent assault, kidnapping, and wounding a person with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

After further investigations, police charged Mr Sampieri with 87 fresh offences relating to alleged phone calls he made.

The 31-year-old police officer remains suspended from duty with pay.

He will face court in June.







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