/Rwandans accused of tourist murders secretly brought to Australia

Rwandans accused of tourist murders secretly brought to Australia


May 16, 2019 12:12:05

Two Rwandan men accused of murdering tourists in 1999 were recently settled in Australia as part of a refugee swap, after spending years in US immigration detention.

US media outlet Politico has reported that two men involved in the killings of eight tourists in Uganda two decades ago were brought to Australia in November as part of a contentious refugee swap negotiated by former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull and the Obama administration.

The Rwandan pair had been held in US immigration detention after efforts to convict them failed.

The Home Affairs Department has so far refused to comment on the report, but Immigration sources have confirmed to the ABC that the two accused murderers were settled in Australia last year.

In 2017, Mr Turnbull struck a refugee swap deal with then US president Barack Obama.

The US agreed to accept hundreds of refugees from Manus Island who had passed detailed security vetting, but would not be resettled in Australia.

The deal angered US President Donald Trump, who believed his predecessor had struck a deal that was not in the country’s interest.

The US refugee swap eased a political headache for the Turnbull government, which faced criticism of its offshore immigration processing system.

It is not known whether accepting the Rwandan men was a precondition of any deal.

It is also not known what visas the men travelled to Australia on.

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